The opioid epidemic is real. There are also people in chronic pain.


THERE BUT FOR THE explores the opioid ‘epidemic’ from a different perspective: the space between the larger systems in place that regulate pain management and patients directly affected by those decisions by connecting with Rhode Island-based individuals for interviews. The topic is rarely discussed in terms of why these medications were developed and their efficacy on the treatment of chronic pain conditions. The use of highly addictive medications developed to manage pain have also been over-prescribed, abused, and sought. Without discounting the wider public health concerns, there are many people living in constant pain who are being told that their treatment options are “worse than heroin” and are made to feel almost criminal while picking up their monthly medication.


We don't have the answers. In the tradition of strict verbatim theatre, we look forward to collaborating with doctors, public health officials, legislators, lawyers, recovery specialists and (fingers-crossed) pharmaceutical companies and local health insurance providers as well as a team of talented actors to tackle this complex problem.


See us at FROM SCRATCH in April, 2018.



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