Corinne & Stuart are theatre makers based in Providence, RI. Corinne is a producer, performer, vocalist, and dramaturg. Stuart is a photographer, designer, comedian, and storyteller. They are also married to each other. They got married twice, actually. To each other. (Obviously.)


Their last performance was at Sweet Little Variety Show where Stuart played Corinne's mom in a selection from brand new work that premiered at FringePVD 2017: Where Do You Come From?! / Broken Graces. It's was double bill - two for the price of one! And, yes, Corinne's mom, Barbara, was in fact, a hoot.


Previous produced works as collaborators include HOME/RUN, a love story and/or a show about finding and defining 'home.'


They are currently developing a full length work - THERE BUT FOR THE, a verbatim play about about the opioid ‘epidemic’ from a different perspective: those who occupy the space between the larger systems in place that regulate pain management and patients directly affected by those decisions. They even got sweet sweet RISCA funding to develop the work. (Thank you, State of Rhode Island)


Corinne performs with Shey Rivera's LUNA LOBA at AS220. Stuart was an ensemble member of Elizabeth Keiser's HORROR at Aurora. (HORROR at Aurora - say that 5 times fast) You can join them for FROM SCRATCH at AS220, a series where they collaborate to showcase the work of other performers developing new work in Providence. They can join you as Stray Creatives, a freelance media collaborative that provides video, audio, photography, and design services to artists and companies.